Explanation of Hashing

Known a drinking clubs with a running problem, Hash House Harrier group members are known as Hashers. 

The runs are  non-competitive. 

Hashers who volunteer to set trails for the Pack to follow are known as Hares.  Trails are set by the Hare in flour or similar environmentally friendly material.  Trails are generally 3 to 5 miles.  

Hashers follow the trail by either running,  jogging  or walking, or any combination.  Well laid trails force front runners to stop often and re-find the trail by using False trails, loops, check backs & other devious devices, allowing the pack to catch up.  There are short cuts & regroups are available to keep the Pack together

Poorly laid trails result in the well deserved abuse of the Hare at the end.  After the run there is an opportunity to socialize and take part in the consumption of varying quantities of beverages.   There follows the ceremonious awarding of suitable beverages during the Down-Down circle

The majority of Herts Hash Trails start and end from a pub [hopefully the same one], unless they don't.


Anyone participating on a Hash Trail does so at their own risk!

Hash Parlance

'ARE YOU?' : A plea for help. A Hound who is not on the Trail and wants to know if anyone else is. The reply should be either 'Checking!' or 'On! On!' and not "Am I what?".
APRÉS HASHER : Someone who fails to do the Trail but meets up for a drink afterwards.


: Supplier of Ales for events & the RA's Gofer to get the Down-Downs in for the Aprés Trail Circle
CHECK : A innocnet looking Circle of flour that is in fact a cunning trap to lead the Hashers off in search of the continuation of the Trail by having to search various paths from the CHK, as there is only one true Trail it enables back runners to catch up when combined with False trails.
'CHECKING !' : Looking for the Trail. If you are Checking, say so.
CHECK BACK OR BAR CHECK : One of the sadistic methods used by the Hare to get you to run down a False Trail, marked by a single Bar of flour across the path, and then have to come part of the way back because he decided to set the Trail in another direction after the Check. See also FALSE TRAIL.
DOWN-DOWN : The act of consuming a full tankard (of a suitable beverage) in one or less gulps. If you do not get it down the balance should be poured over your head - or down your pants. Newcomers, leavers, celebrators, and anyone else who deserves it can be invited to do a Down-Down.

Usually found after a Check. A False Trail can be of any length, depending on the level of nastiness of the hare.If you find it, go back to the check and look in another direction. Note: Falsies are seldom or never come across by the back markers, and are employed mainly to keep the FRBs from not getting to the beer too early.

FRB : Also known as Front Running Bastards, they are those silly people who r*n on a Hash.
GRANDMASTER/GRAND MONKEY   [GM] : A member of the loud mouthed bunch of idiots who call themselves Hash Mismanagement.  Foolishly believes they have a God like status, but still has to bow down to the RA! (Female equivalent is a Grand Mattress)
: The person who lays the trail. They are totally responsible for any cock-ups which occur.
HARE RAISER : .A member of the mismanagement who tries to organize the Hares and therefore should be aware of what run they are laying.
HARRIETTE : A female Hasher.
HASHABERDASHER : The one who procures T-shirts, garments & other Hash related items i.e. bags, tankards ect.
HASHIT : A weekly award of an unwashed Hamersley Hash T-shirt, given out for some particularly nasty effort. It could be either good or bad. The award is held until someone else does better or worse. It is normally worn by Hyena.
HASH CASH : Our worthy treasurer.
HASH TRASH : A humorous/scathing review of the previous weeks' runs with information about forth coming runs & events.
HELD CHECK : A Check where the whole Pack waits for the Back Markers to rejoin, used after a long stretch of Trail.
HORRORS : The offspring of Hashers.
JOINT MASTER/JOINT MONKEY [JM] : The Grand Master/Monkey's Assistant & Stand-in!
MISMANAGEMENT : The complete group of incompetents who are responsible for the order or disorder of the Hash.
ON INN : The venue where it all started , where amber throat charmers are consumed, and where the Religious Advisor comes into his own.
'ON! ON!' : Called during the run when you are on the trail. The call assists the rear runners who may not be able to see the Front Runners but at least can hear them.  Only called if flour etc. can be seen and not just because you're following the Hashers ahead - 'cause they've no idea where they are!
ON SEXY : The non-sexy Hash secretary, person with out a pen & handwriting worse than any doctor!
PACK : The main group of Hashers following the Trail set by the Hare.
: An omnipotent being (who even outranks the Grand Monkey) they call the circle to order and meets out punishments which appeal to his/her sense of humour/sadisticness.  Knows nothing about Religion.
SCB : Short Cutting Bastard. To be a successful SCB requires great skill and cunning. A SCB has to try to make it appear that they have run the whole trail when in fact they have only done about half of it.
SCRIBE : The one who can read & rite, but most importantly can string more than two sentences together to produce a Run report. Has to be thick skinned to put up with criticism from those who don't contribute but are quick to pick up on any errors!

Anyone participating does so at their own risk. İHerts Hash House Harriers. Site maintained by Mr. X      Privacy Policy