The F.U.K Full Moon H3, Herts H3 & other Local Kennels

will be setting a Trail to honour his memory & mark the 75th Anniversary of the Death of the Hash House Harriers' Founder,

This will visit his birth place, the area he grew up in & his Memorial

 Starting at Noon


Saturday 11th February 2017



The Brockley Barge

184 Brockley Road

P-Arrows the few yards from

Brockley Station

London Overground

The Hash House Harriers started in 1938 by a British officer in the Federated Malay States Volunteer Reservists, named Captain Alberto Esteban (Stephen) Ignacio Gispert.

Known as "G" to his friends, he was born in Brockley, Kent (Now Greater London) on 31st July 1903, to Arthuro & Remedeos Gispert y de Puiguriguer, to a large Catalan Spanish family.

Having a fondness for "Hare and Hounds" paper-chase style runs, he gathered together a group of friends, including Ronald "Torch" Bennett, Frederick "Horse" Thompson & Cecil Lee, to form a "non-competitive" running club in Kuala Lumpur that would later become a world-wide legacy.

The group received its name from the Selangor Club Chambers, which due to the lacklustre food served there was commonly referred to as the "Hash House".

This peaceful pastime was eventually cut short by the Japanese invasion of Malaysia.  2nd Lieutenant A.S. Gispert was seconded in to the Argyll & Southern Highlanders, he was killed in Action during the Battle of Singapore on the 11th February 1942, a date still honoured by Hashers worldwide.