Andrew ‘Goose’ Greygoose

27th February 2010





Goose was simply just known as ‘Goose’!  No first name or surname was needed.

When he first Hashed with us, we discovered that his entire Family called him Goose, as did the locals in his Village, the Pub and everyone else who knew him from his biker mates to work colleagues.  So, Naturally the Hash didn’t see the point in changing his name for a ‘Hash Name’ that would never be used.  Plus we did not know of another Hasher called Goose, the name was perfect!

Even though he was just known as Goose, he was extremely proud of his very unique and unusual surname of Greygoose.

Having first Hashed in Pattaya, Thailand, Goose joined Herts on his return to the UK.  The first Trail he set for Herts Hash was from his local Pub in Puckeridge, the Crown and Falcon.  This Trail had one of the longest False Trails that anyone has ever Run on a Herts Trail, but it worked as the Keenies were suitably worn out by the time they caught up with him, and the Short Cutters he was escorting on the correct route!

Goose was not one for tolerating the ‘Nanny State’ philosophy that is sometimes, in these modern times, adopted by local authorities and Governments when they come up with ridiculous 'Health and Safety legislation'!  

He once set a Trail locally to his home, where one of the Footpaths was closed for the tawdry 'Health and Safety' reason of the concrete bridge over a stream had been tipped up in a flood.  Goose said that if he, or the Hash, "Couldn’t negotiate this without using an ounce of common sense and having an accident, then they shouldn’t be allowed out of the house on their own!"  Indeed, the Herts Hash cocked a snook at the warning signs of authority, stepped over the orange tape & crossed the now dry ditch without a hitch to reach the On Inn.

One very memorable picture of Goose was from the first Herts Christmas Party he attended, this held at the St John’s Ambulance unit in Royston, and it was taken after the meal and of course the Down-Downs.  Goose had changed in to his tweed jacket, looking every inch like the local Squire he too joined the rest of H4 as they started on their traditional toasts with Port, this doesn’t sound that amusing until the effects of Alcohol took its toll and he ended up adopting the foetal position on the floor to have a sleep.  It appeared as if one of the St John’s crew had put him in the recovery position!

Goose was extremely knowledgeable about the countryside and many things to do with rural life, on the Hash he was often heard venting his spleen at ignorant farmers who had ploughed up rights of way we were using, especially when they made no attempt to mark the route of footpath’s direction as they are legally obliged to.  He was also keen on keeping by-way’s open as he used to enjoy driving 4 x 4 off-road vehicles.

When he drove to a Hash, he was often heard to say that he wasn’t bothered if bad drivers trying to get out of the car park hit his vehicle, as it’s hard to put a dent in a tow-bar on a Landrover!

On one of his first dates with I.E. (Tracie), before she too joined the Hash, Goose decided to take her out to the Theatre in London.  On the way home they stopped to have a night cap and dropped in to the Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street station.  Their timing was impeccable, or really lousy, as they arrived just as the remains of the First UK Full Moon Hash's ‘c2c’ Pub crawl came rolling in after 23 other Pubs!  No one would have blamed I.E. if she never went out with Goose again after his very, very drunk ‘Hash friends’ all seemed to congregate around their table, slurring to them “At what Pub did you join the Pub Crawl?”

Fortunately Tracie could see through his drunken Hash mates and it wasn’t long before she would be a regular at the Herts Hash as well.

Their romance blossomed and the Hash were invited to their Wedding at Mayflower Lodge in Hertingfordbury, a splendid event this was and a place were Goose and I.E. could show off their Jiving skills on the dance floor.  The Wedding was a ‘Black tie’ event which showed that the Hash can ‘scrub up well’ when they make an effort.

There were a few Epic parties at their home in Puckeridge, including the Russian/Danish/Czech Roulette a few of the Herts Hash took part in with him, this involved shots of Vodka, Aquavit, Becerovka, all of which were souvenirs form overseas Hashing!

Another great Party the Herts Hash were invited to had a ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ theme, which was about ‘Jive’, except Mr. X didn’t hear about the Jive theme and just took it as Rock, so there was one Frank Zappa amongst the Teddy boys and Elvis look-a-likes.

With his ‘get up and just do it’ attitude Goose wasn’t afraid of turning his hand to anything, especially things rustic.  He produced a superb Rhubarb Chutney that many of the Herts Hash remember devouring at the house parties.

Goose was famous on the Hash for his lack of knowledge when it came to all things sport related, the sports fans amongst the Hash tried to educate him but none of what they said ever seemed to sink in, unless it was about motorbikes, that was the exception to the rule.

Goose became the Herts Hash’s ‘Hash Beer’ on the Hierarchy, where his job was to supply the Ales for the RA, when he held the weekly Down-Downs, many of these Ales he got at a discounted price after using his persuasion that usually included the fact that the Pub had all the Hash in there drinking and boosting the Landlord’s coffers.  I.E. held the position of Hash Cash during the same years.

Goose and I.E. moved on from Herts Hash to settle out in France for awhile, here he became something of a Francophile, perhaps it was their no-nonsense attitude to rural affairs that he liked?  It was while in France where he developed a taste for his name-sake Greygoose Vodka, this French triple distilled spirit is very subtle and can catch the unsuspecting unawares..  

Later on Goose and I.E. returned to the UK and took up residence in Essex, they became regulars with the Essex Hash and Herts would still meet up with them on joint Runs, Herts weekend events or Full Moons.

Last time many of us from Herts enjoyed Goose’s company was on the F.U.K Full Moon Hash that just happened to be a Joint Pub Crawl Trail with SNORTed, he was looking fit and well, as well as enjoying life, he was on very good form that evening.

Sadly Goose had a heart-attack while driving back for a Jive weekend in Norfolk, he and I.E. were due to have dinner with Tinkerbelle and Omo from Essex H3 before the latter two moved on Romania to work.  They never made the meal.

Having been asleep when it happened, I.E. awoke and managed to stop the car.  Goose would never wake from the induced coma he was in and I.E. had the awful task of giving her permission to turn off the life support machine and let Goose slip away.

At the Herts 25th Anniversary Weekend, while in the opening Circle for the Saturday Run, the RA had the whole Pack saluting Goose’s life by raising a shot of Greygoose Vodka in his memory, as requested by I.E. 

After the Friday Night Fancy Dress Pub Craw, of Cowboys and Indian theme, part of the collection was donated to the ICU where Goose was taken to.

Goose’s Brothers had the unenviable task of trying to make a speech to sum up Goose’s life for his funeral service, no easy feat with someone so multifaceted, instead they came up with the A – Z of Goose below…………….


The Goose A to Z



A is for Andrew

B is for Blackadder

C is for Curry (cabbage, cauliflower and cabrussel sprout)

D is for Down-Down

E is for Eccentricity

F is for Francophile

G is for Goose

H is for Hawkwind, his favourite band

I is for ‘If I was Prime Minister I would….’

J is for Jokes (Bad and old ones)

K is for Kindness

L is for Laverda his favourite bike

M is for My way is the right way

N is for Nephews and Nieces the he loved so much

O is for Opinions

P is for Puckeridge

R is for Respect

S is for Style (nuff said about that)

T is for Tea with scones and cream

U is for Uriah Heap (another favourite band)

V is for Vodka (Greygoose vodka that bought him his car)

W is for Wordsmith

X … if Goose was Prime Minister he would ban X because it’s a stupid letter

Y is for Why am I paying so much tax?

Z is for Sleep


We hope there is something here for all of his friends to relate to.