Hierarchy Position



Honorary Grand Master Part of the Furniture! Fliptop
Joint Master Does the an imitation of  the above when they are not present TBT OBE

Hash Hen

Stands in for the Grand Master in his absence.


Religious Advisor

Holds the real power of the Circle amongst other things

Mr. X

Hare Raiser

Gee's up the Pack for volunteer Hares to set Trails!


Hash Cash

Twists arms & enforces payment of Subs

No Eye Deer


Has a large amount of Herts T-shirts & Numbered Run awards in their garage to sell & present to the Pack.

Tent packer

Hash Flash Has a camera & can take pictures better than one of their own thumb! Milf/Kylie

Beer Master

Gets the Beers in for Down-Downs & deals with breweries to supply Ales for Home Hash weekends or special Runs.

My Lil'

Hash Scribe Writes up R*n reports & produces the  weakly weekly Trash, this can be delegated to others when the Scribe is not present Mr. X
Webmaster Has some basic technical Skills to put all this cr*p on line Mr. X
Publicity Officer Tries to publicise the Hash to the uninitiated Where's Wally?
Choir Mistress Isn't tone deaf, unlike most of the Pack who couldn't hold a tune in a Bucket! Milf
On Sexy Helps organize allsorts of things Naughty Ways

  Anyone participating on a Hash Trail does so at their own risk!

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